Download Your Free Steering Committee Agenda and Report Template

What's included?

We designed this report template to help increase alignment and transparency among teams. It includes everything you need to clearly and effectively report on your project status and set a standard meeting agenda with your steering committee or leadership team.

You'll get clean, templated slides for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Meeting agenda
  • Executive summary
  • Schedule, timeline and outlook
  • Issue identification and follow-up
  • Decision and milestone history
  • Dependent project statuses
  • Scope and scope changes
  • Budget and budget changes
  • Additional notes
  • Appendices
  • Status reporting keys and criteria
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • References to commonly used resources
  • And more!

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Common Uses for This Free Project Report Template

Project managers, project leads and other organizational leaders can utilize this template to simplify reporting, communicate more clearly, track project progress, increase transparency, clarify expectations and much more. Teams across departments and industries can leverage this report template for projects.

Below are just a few ways that our teams use this template:

  • ERP implementation
  • Mobile app creation
  • Smart product design and development
  • Data analytics projects
  • IoT platform migrations
  • Multi-vendor projects
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Interdepartmental collaboration
  • Steering committee meetings
  • Executive leadership briefings

Your project might not be on this short list — and that’s great! We are continually finding new ways to use this tool across a wide variety of different contexts.

We know it will help you too!